Junior Tour Of Ireland: Day 2


Update on Junior Tour of Ireland – Tuesdays 6.2km prologue went alright considering I had come down with some sort of illness on Tuesday morning; Top 100 😂😂. Today’s road stage was the ‘west Clare’ stage of 95km went around the South coast of county Clare. After a proper sketchy and nervous neutral zone we started and unfortunately me and a few other riders came off after a very fast compression and my handlebars ended up at 90° to the front wheel. Luckily support was quick to fix it and I was chasing back on within a minute. I lost 3 of my gears and couldn’t spin fast enough through the convoy to chase back on. I chased solo for 20k until having to change bikes. Eventually me and a few other riders formed the grupetto and had a laugh mostly the rest of the stage. Finished just outside 100th place – yas 😨😂. The rest of the boys finshed in the front bunch, but Ciaran just got dropped at 40km to go. Tomorrow is another day though and 105k’s.

Race Report : By Louie Doig



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