Deep Breath

We’re currently only a couple of weeks out from the first road race of the season, so I thought it time to do a bit of a stock take from my last blog and update everyone on where I am.

As I write this I’m feeling like a different person on the bike compared to a few months ago. Some long hours on the bike in the legs, a good break and plenty of gym work later, and I feel I’m almost ready to go again. The winter has been spent dividing up between  college, training, and recuperation.I’ve spent a lot of time at the velodrome in Glasgow racing at the track league on Wednesday nights, which has been really good fun, (especially as it doesn’t rain there!) as it’s allowed me to really play with how I race and discover what sort of things work for me, and find a new love for racing I’ve tried to make sure no two weeks have been the same, as winter is a time to play about on the bike and not take it too seriously, but you can learn a lot about yourself during this time for sure. I raced my first BUCS race in November, which was a really cool event as it was quite different to the normal competitions, and allowed me to race against some different opposition, and race for Gala Cycling Club as I’m BASEed in Gala for college (pun intended), and I raced on the Manchester velodrome for the first time, which feels completely different to Glasgow, although you wouldn’t expect it to! I’ve also been working closely with Jarlath Flynn of ERC, using a power meter courtesy of BSpoke Cycles, and this has brought me on leaps and bounds in terms of knowing just what I can do, and what we need to work on. This has given me a lot of confidence as the numbers we’ve been seeing so far have been promising to say the least, and we’ll hopefully arrive at my target races in shape to put in a good fight for the win in each of them. 

As mentioned in a recent interview I gave for VOMO, it’s no secret that I have struggled mentally over the past year, for various reasons, so to combat this we’ve been doing a lot of things to try and bring my head on par with my body to get me in as good a shape as possible for racing, such as speaking to different people about issues they’ve had and what brought them out of their slumps, and got them back to their best, and I feel this is important to mention as I can’t emphasise just how important it is to have a healthy mind as well as a healthy body, your health is the most important thing. Hopefully we have turned a corner that we won’t need to revisit!
I’d like to finish this blog as always by thanking those who’ve been working with me the last few months, Mum and Dad- Mum especially as I’ve been leaving her stranded in Gala on a Wednesday while I rob the car to go to Glasgow! Jarlath Flynn and Ken Whitson of ERC, for bringing my training and racing on a huge amount from last year. The BASE staff of Borders College for their incredible support. My friends for all the energy they give me to get up and train and race. To Gary and Allan of BSpoke Cycles for taking care of my bikes and helping me out through the winter. Finally, to everyone taking the time to read this blog, I really appreciate it! Until the next one!