My past 2 weeks

The past two weeks have been epic….when I was on holiday over in Treviso, Italy I had the opportunity to race in the la ventisima pinarello granfondo. I decided to race it and raced it i did. I don’t know how it happened but it turned out i was 1st junior out of the whole race. I was so pleased considering I had a week off the bike. I tend to prefer warm weather and that day it was 39°c which was good for me. After that if was time to take another week off. I was classing this whole 2 week holiday as my “mid season break”. Once I arrived home it was time to get my head down and to focus on the second half of the season which meant a whole load of turbo sessions. The word ‘turbo’actually makes me feel queasy. With turbo and high intsnisity road rides I was able to build my fitness slowly. My first race back was the ‘Tour of the Glens’ which in my eyes, is one of the toughest Scottish races. The race was 135km with many climbing. The weather played a major role as it was raining and freezing cold ‘Scottish summer’. The first 70km I was very aggressive. I was getting into attacks with elite riders such as Evan Oliphant, Harry Tanfield and Steven Lawely. I got a bit to carried away and wasted alot of my energy by doing this. When it hit the first major climb the race blew to pieces with me being distanced on the decent. After that the rain got heavier and heavier and I just wasn’t wanting to risk any illness. I pulled out 95km in but I was content with how I rode. A new week, a new day. Monday 25th was turbo day with a power/strength session in the morning and an endurance in the evening. I felt rubbish but new that this would benefit me in the days/weeks to come. On Tuesday 26th I had morning core and stability with another endurance turbo session in the evening. (These turbo endurance sessions are round 1hr – 1hr 30). On Wednesday 27th I went on a 85km rr with my teammate Stuart Paterson. We were heading to linlithgow for a few days. It was a hard session with a few tt efforts and sprints. It was good training with one another because it meant we had more motivation to beat each other and who would have the bragging rights lol. Thursday 28th was a 75km rr round a route called the two bridges. This was more a medium effort ride with a few bursts but other than that it was a great, sunny day in the saddle. On Friday the 29th me and stuart both headed into linlithgow for a cafe ride as a present activation ride for the weekends racing. It was around 15 km.

SATURDAY 30th   –   Renfrewshire Road Race 2/3/4…

I was feeling really confident here as I knew I had a hard week to get prepared but was unsure how I would cope because of the hard week. During the race I felt really good. It was 10 laps of a 5 mile.circuit so it was pretty much like a hilly kermese. There was a long drag and then a crazy downhill decent so there was no rest for us juniors. In the end I managed 6th and 1st junior. I was disappointed I wasn’t on the podium but that’s just how it goes. Happy I got 1st junior considering the hard week.

SUNDAY 31st   –   Billy Warnock Road Race E/1/2/3…

I was really looking forward for this race although I was worried how my legs would feel after Saturdays race. The start sheet was really good for this race so I knew it was going to be brutal. The course was pretty much pan flat with a short sharp climb but really wasn’t anything. As riders where getting dropped all the time I was feeling amazing. Unfortunately my chain slipped off which meant I had to chase back on which wasn’t ideal so I was pretty annoyed with that. Once I made contact with the front group again I made my way slowly to to the front to stay out of trouble. I was feeling super comfortable in the remaining laps and just sat in to see who was suffering and who looked good. It came down to a bunch kick for 8th and I was feeling strong. I came in 21st just missing out on top 20 and points but got 1st junior again. Overall I am feeling super strong right now and hope to do well in the coming races. Kudos today to calum Kennedy and stuart paterson for racing. It was a really tough course but happy I got round.


– Wanlockhead RoaRace2/3/4…this race is one of my favourite races of the year because of the amount of climbing in it so it suits me to a tee. It’s a race I really want to do well in.


This race is by far my biggest race of the season and I hope to carry form into it as it’s a huge target for me…..

Thanks for reading

Calum Johnston:))